ACCF Services

Philanthropic Services

Private Foundations

The Adams County Community Foundation offers services and options for your clients with private foundations, whether they are looking for help with effective grantmaking or ways to preserve the founder’s legacy after several generations.

For clients considering a foundation, compare options for philanthropy before the decision is made.

Learn more about the process to terminate a private foundation into a charitable fund at the Adams County Community Foundation.

Charitable Giving for Businesses

The Community Foundation can help you help your business clients by:

  • Establishing a corporate giving program that reflects the company’s values and desire for community presence
  • Making the most of the philanthropic opportunities inherent in the sale of a business
  • Advising on use of privately-held stock for philanthropic purposes
  • Incorporating charitable giving in succession planning for a family business

Anonymity or Recognition

The Community Foundation can provide the level of anonymity or recognition most comfortable for your client. The Community Foundation will never share your client’s contact information; strict confidentiality is observed at all times.

Life Income Gifts 

Charitable gift annuities and other life income gifts are a powerful way for your client to put assets to work for them, making a significant charitable gift and receiving significant lifetime income.

Memorial Funds 

Because it is a permanent institution, Adams County Community Foundation is the ideal home for a philanthropic memorial. A fund named to honor the memory of a beloved family member, associate or friend may be designed to support a charitable purpose reflecting the life and values of the deceased.

The Community Foundation is equipped to handle the large influx of gifts a memorial fund may generate, and to carry out the fund’s charitable purpose in perpetuity.

Family members and other founders receive comfort and satisfaction through regular reports on fund activity.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an affordable way for your clients to gain tax benefits and meet charitable objectives, either by naming the charity as a beneficiary or by donating an existing policy. Gifts of life insurance can be used to establish or add to any charitable fund.

Retirement Plan Assets 

Your clients may not realize that income tax can eat up a large percentage of retirement plan assets left to heirs. That’s why these assets should be at the top of the list for charitable giving, creating the greatest benefit for heirs and charitable beneficiaries.

Investment of Funds

While each charitable fund at the Community Foundation is governed by its own fund agreement which names the fund and outlines its particular grantmaking strategy, we pool our assets together for investment purposes.  Investment results are updated quarterly.

All funds established at the Community Foundation are managed as provided by the Investment & Spending Policy Statement approved by the Board of Directors. Our Board’s Investment and Finance Committee oversees the process and selects and monitors investment managers.

Organizational Endowments 

The Community Foundation holds and manages endowments for dozens of nonprofit organizations. Benefits to these organizations include convenience, investment oversight, permanence and access to planned giving tools.