Our Door Openers

Recognizing Professional Advisors

The Adams County Community Foundation is proud to recognize professional advisors who demonstrate a commitment to Adams County and South Central Pennsylvania by working to advance philanthropy and encourage charitable giving across our region.

Attorneys, accountants, wealth advisors, and insurance professionals have a major impact on the level of charitable giving in our community. They help their clients create the legacy they want for the community they love.

When professional advisors recommend the Adams County Community Foundation to their clients, we recognize these advisors as “Door Openers.”

Clarence A. Asbury, CPA

Jeffrey A. Ernico, Attorney

Kenneth M, Farabaugh, Jr.

Gary French, Attorney

David K. James, III, Attorney

Steven McKonly

Robert McQuaid, Attorney

Carol Metzler, CPA

Larry A. Musselman, CPA

Alan Kim Patrono, Attorney

Jack W. Phillips, Attorney

John S. Phillips, Attorney

PNC Wealth Management

Edward G. Puhl, Attorney

Robert G. Teeter, Attorney