Why work with ACCF

Why Work with the Adams County Community Foundation?

The Adams County Community Foundation is here to help you serve your clients better. We can help with philanthropic planning, adding value to your practice and your client relationships. To draft a plan that’s tailored to your client’s particular needs, consult with ACCF or invite us to join a meeting with your client. Talking with us is completely confidential, free, and without obligation.

Help for talking to clients about philanthropy

Most clients are not only open to discussing philanthropy with their advisors, they are hoping you will start the conversation.

When is ACCF a good fit? When your client…

  • Wants to give back to the community
  • Wishes to include charity in an estate plan
  • Hopes to involve children in giving
  • Has specific charitable goals or interests
  • Is considering establishing a private foundation
  • Is developing a corporate giving program
  • Experiences a life event such as sale of a business or an inheritance