Making a Difference in Adams County

Making a Difference

Adams County Community Foundation is making a difference in Adams County every day, working toward our mission: To inspire people and communities to build and distribute charitable funds for Good, for Adams County, for Ever.

Our vision: Adams County Community Foundation will be a leading resource, promoting philanthropy among people of all means who wish to make a lasting and meaningful contribution to Adams County, and promoting opportunities to develop and strengthen our communities.

Our focus:

  • Helping nonprofits become efficient and effective at what they do,


  • Making a meaningful and sustained difference in people’s lives,


  • Building a healthier community by increasing the level of social capital among and between people.


Our tools:

  • Grantmaking. Making grants to effective nonprofit organizations is one way the Adams County Community Foundation is helping to strengthen our communities.


  • Initiatives. When it makes sense to do so, we also create and operate special program initiatives to fill a gap or try out a new idea.