Preserving Donor Intent

Preserving Donor Intent 

Carrying out donors’ charitable intent is fundamental to our mission.

Whether you entrust the Adams County Community Foundation with a multi-million dollar charitable fund, or a gift of $100, we pledge to use that money for the purpose you express at the time of the gift. When a fund is permanently endowed, we are bound to uphold the original intent of that permanent fund forever.

Forever is a long time, and if the original purpose should ever become obsolete, the Adams County Community Foundation will redirect your gift to a new purpose as close as possible to the original one.

As a community foundation we are vested with “variance power,” that is, the ability to make those changes is built into our charter. Our Board of Directors oversees the implementation of these practices, and must carefully consider any request to exercise the variance power.

We take donor intent seriously. It’s one of the reasons why the Adams County Community Foundation is a safe and permanent home for your charitable legacy.